Acid Dreams Testament

Various Artists: Acid Dreams Testament

Album: Acid Dreams Testament
Interpret: Various Artists
Genre: Rock
Label: Spiral Groove
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Acid Dreams Testament Acid Dreams Testament


Tracks auf LP 1

1 Balloon farm: a question of temperature
2 Mouse & the traps: maid of sugar
3 Macabre: be forewarneda
4 Calico wall: i'm a living sickness
5 Velvet illusions: acid head
6 White light: william
7 Outcasts: 1523 blair
8 Zakary thaks: i need you
9 Painted ship: little white lies
10 Swamp rats: loui loui
11 Unrelated segments: it's unfair
12 Music machine: you love me again
13 Shy guys: black lightning light
14 Bourbons: dark corner
15 Mind's eye: help i'm lost
16 Stereo shoestrings: on the road south
17 Zakary thaks: can you hear
18 Caretakers of deception: cuttin' grass
19 Remaining few: painted air
20 Teddy & his patches: suzy creamcheese
21 Indian puddin' & pipe: hashish
22 Painted faces: anxious color
23 Velvet illusions: velvet illusions
24 Unrelated segments: cry cry cry
25 Outcasts: set me free
26 Murphy & the mob: born loser
27 Sparkles: no friend of mine
28 Painted ship: frustration

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