Back To The Future Part III (180g)

Various Artists: Back To The Future Part III (180g)

Album: Back To The Future Part III (180g)
Interpret: Various Artists
Genre: Soundtracks & Filmmusik
Label: Mondo
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Back To The Future Part III (180g)


Tracks auf LP 1

1 A1 Back To Back / Court House
2 A2 Main Title
3 A3 Into The Mine / Tombstone
4 A4 Warmed Up
5 A5 Indians (Film Version)
6 A6 Safe And Sound
7 A7 Hill Valley
8 A8 The Hanging
9 A9 We're Out Of Gas
10 B1 There Is No Bridge / Doc to the Rescue
11 B2 At First Sight
12 B3 Yellow
13 B4 The Kiss
14 B5 You Talkin' To Me?
15 B6 The Future Isn't Written
16 B7 Goodbye Clara
17 B8 What's Up Doc / Marty Gallops / To The Future
18 C1 Wake Up Juice
19 C2 Callin' You Out / Count Off
20 C3 The Showdown / The Kick
21 C4 A Science Experiment? (The Train - Part I)
22 C5 It's Clara (The Train - Part II)
23 C6 Point of No Return (The Train - Part III)
24 D1 It's Destroyed / Back To The Girlfriend / It Erased
25 D2 Doc Returns
26 D3 End Credits
27 D4 Doubleback (Extended Version)

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