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Various Artists: Filmmusik: Shadow Of The Colossus (Translucent Vinyl)

Album: Filmmusik: Shadow Of The Colossus (Translucent Vinyl)
Interpret: Various Artists
Genre: Soundtracks & Filmmusik
Label: Iam8bit
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Tracks auf LP 1

1 A1. Prologue - To The Ancient Land
2 B3. Collapsing Idol
3 B4. Verdant Hills
4 B5. Violent Encounter
5 B6. Revived Power
6 B7. Lakeside
7 B8. Silence
8 B9. In Awe Of Power
9 B10. Wander'S Death
10 C1. End Of The Land
11 C2. Shadows Creeping
12 A2. Forbidden Arts
13 C3. A Herald From Behind
14 C4. Counterattack
15 C5. Sky Burial
16 C6. Sealed City
17 C7. Guardian Unleashed
18 C8. Farewell To Despair
19 C9. Swift Hooves
20 D1. Warden Of The Ruins
21 D2. Holy Ground
22 D3. Ritual'S Conclusion
23 A3. Law
24 D4. Pursuers
25 D5. Augury Of Rebirth
26 D6. Epilogue - Those Who Remain
27 D7. Prayer (New Version)
28 D8. Hope (New Version)
29 D9. Sun - Blessed Lands
30 A4. Black Blood
31 A5. Resurrection
32 A6. Sign Of The Colossus
33 A7. Grotesque Figures
34 B1. Path Opened
35 B2. End Of The Battle

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