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Various Artists: Filmmusik: The Lord Of The Rings:Return Of The King

Album: Filmmusik: The Lord Of The Rings:Return Of The King
Interpret: Various Artists
Genre: Soundtracks & Filmmusik
Label: Rhino
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Tracks auf LP 1

1 Roots And Beginnings
2 The Palantír
3 Flight From Edoras
4 The Grace of Undómiel [Featuring Renée Fleming]
5 The Eyes Of The White Tower
6 Journey To The Cross-roads
7 The Road To Isengard
8 The Foot Of Orthanc
9 Return To Edoras
10 The Chalice Passed
11 The Green Dragon [Featuring Billy Boyd And Dominic Monaghan]
12 Gollum's Villainy
13 Éowyn's Dream

Tracks auf LP 2

1 A Coronal Of Silver And Gold
2 The Lighting Of The Beacons
3 Osgiliath Invaded [Featuring Ben del Maestro]
4 The Stairs Of Cirith Ungol
5 Allegiance To Denethor
6 The Sacrifice Of Faramir [Featuring Billy Boyd Performing "The Edge Of Night"]

Tracks auf LP 3

1 The Parting Of Sam And Frodo
2 Marshalling At Dunharrow
3 Andúril - Flame Of The West
4 The Passing Of The Grey Company
5 Dwimorberg - The Haunted Mountain
6 Master Meriadoc, Swordthain
7 The Paths Of The Dead
8 The Siege Of Gondor

Tracks auf LP 4

1 Shelob's Lair
2 "A Far Green Country"
3 Shieldmaiden Of Rohan
4 Merry's Simple Courage
5 Grond - The Hammer Of The Underworld
6 Shelob The Great
7 The Tomb Of The Stewards
8 The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields
9 The Pyre Of Denethor
10 The Mûmakil
11 Dernhelm In Battle

Tracks auf LP 5

1 The Passing Of Théoden
2 The Eagles [Featuring Renée Fleming]
3 The Houses of Healing [Featuring Liv Tyler]
4 The Tower Of Cirith Ungol
5 The Last Debate [Featuring Sissel Performing "Asëa Aranion"]
6 The Land Of Shadow
7 The Mouth Of Sauron [Featuring Sir James Galway]
8 "For Frodo" [Featuring Ben del Maestro]
9 Mount Doom [Featuring Renée Fleming]
10 The Crack Of Doom

Tracks auf LP 6

1 The Fellowship Reunited [Featuring Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen And Renée Fleming]
2 The Journey To The Grey Havens [Featuring Sir James Galway]
3 Elanor [Featuring Sir James Galway]
4 Days of the Ring [Featuring Annie Lennox Performing "Into The West"]
5 Bilbo's Song

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