Undead-A Tribute To Disrupt

Various Artists: Undead-A Tribute To Disrupt

Album: Undead-A Tribute To Disrupt
Interpret: Various Artists
Genre: Metal & Hardrock
Label: Power It Up
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Undead-A Tribute To Disrupt


Tracks auf LP 1

1 Murder Construct: Mindlock
2 Stench Of Death: You've No One To Blame / Xenophobia
3 Besthöven: Anti-Sobriety Song
4 Expurgo: Body Count
5 Livstid: Unrest
6 Parasit (Ex-State Of Emergency): Complaint
7 Vengeance Of Karma: Green To Grey
8 Passiv Dödshjälp: Anti-Sobriety Song
9 Krigskontrast: Give It Back
10 Kronisk Misantropi: Body Count (Swedish Lyrics, Now: "Oändliga Offer")
11 Irritation: Be Your Own Boss
12 Strong Intention: Pay For / Down My Throat
13 Dick Tracy: Domestic Prison
14 My Cold Embrace: Neglected
15 Per Capita: Squandered
16 Misery Index: Reality Distortion
17 Destroyed In Seconds: A Life's A Life
18 Black Hole Of Calcutta: Down My Throat
19 Line Up Your Lies: Unrest
20 Massgrave: No One Seems To Give A Fuck
21 Famine: Eat Shit
22 Los Rezios: Be Your Own Boss

Tracks auf LP 2

1 Accion Mutante: Give It Back
2 Dehuman: Give It Back
3 Gronibard: A Life's A Life
4 Department Of Correction: We Stand Corrected
5 Whoresnation: God Fearing Citizen
6 Pulmonary Fibrosis: Unrest
7 Faxe: Faction Disaster
8 Embalming Theatre: Rid The Cancer
9 Humus: Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
10 Slavebreed: Dog Eat Dog
11 Alea Iacta Est: Xenophobia
12 Entrails Massacre: Same Old Shit
13 Krüger: Pay For
14 Distress: Led To The Gallows
15 Failure Trace: Mass Graves
16 Extreme Decay: No Values
17 Aftercoma: Leave Me Be
18 Otnamus: Smash Divisions
19 Proletar: Millions Die For Moneymaking
20 Analdicktion: Human Garbage
21 Nailed Down: Body Count
22 Neuron: Religion Is A Fraud (German Language)
23 Axt: Critics
24 Tacheless: Trapped
25 Necromorph: Solidarity
26 Collision: Lack Of Intelligence
27 A Life's A Life
28 Days Of Desolation: An End To White Rule

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